Becoming An Instagram Influencer And Turning Your Everyday Life Into a Paycheque w/ Victoria Jaclyn Johnson

Interested in making some money online? Or maybe turning your everyday life into a paycheque?

Well, thanks to social media it seems as though the majority of the North American population in their 20s + 30s are not only spending hours a day on the platforms but in some way making money through their phone. Whether they are promoting a network marketing company, becoming an affiliate for brands, becoming social media managers themselves or getting paid to create content as a blogger, influencer, photographer or copy writer, there are seemingly endless ways to supplement income through apps. Social media users are not only getting free product in exchange for social media exposure but also making hundreds and thousands of dollars by partnering with brands.


AND there are a few Instagrammers who are really going above and beyond with their insta-game and are making a full time wage solely by posting their passions to their instagram feeds! For the brave and kind-hearted who truly want to influence the world, this can be a lucrative job! (all while still being an inexpensive marketing opportunity for brands).

Buuut how do you get to that point? To fully dive in and share your daily life on instagram and start building a consistent feed that can lead you to potential paycheques?

If you’re an aspiring Instagram Influencer but scared that the market is too saturated OR maybe you’re worried about what people may think of you when you’re just starting out and only have a small following, how do you even begin to start posting about your life everyday??

Well, lucky for you, I had the pleasure of chatting with a Manitoba made influencer, Victoria of @victoriajjohnson and hear her journey to becoming an influencer and being okay with putting herself out there for the world everyday. She has grown her account to over 70,000 in the past two years - proving that you didn’t have to start an account in 2010, when Instagram came out, in order to have success. She gave some great advice! (Especially when it comes to dealing with the back-lash that can sometimes take place).

“Don’t take anything to heart. There are so many “trolls” who will try to bring you down, but you just have to remember that if you are doing good, people will always want to take that away from you. If someone sends a rude DM, or writes a negative comment on your post, block them. Then never think about them again!”


Victoria Jaclyn Johnson is a fashion influencer, blogger and Mom who is married to her best friend, Haden. Together they have two of the cutest boys - Beckam and Layker. She has always had a passion for writing, fashion, and travel,  which she has now turned into her career!

After starting to share her outfits on Instagram a few years ago, people started to DM (direct message) her asking where she was getting her outfits from which encouraged her to start a blog, Pink Bow, that she launched on October 5, 2016. She has continued to share her outfits and growing her personal brand ever since! Her blog has since evolved to

After joining RewardStyle’s about two years ago she realized that there could be a chance for her to make money off of her posts! Reward Style is an affiliate program through which anyone can post there outfit pieces with coded links and receive affiliate income when people buy through their pages at no additional cost to the buyer. This was Victoria’s first source of income through her page. After a few months of posting, brands began to reach out to Victoria offering free product in exchange for posts on Instagram. Now with her larger audience she is able to charge a fee per collaboration and works only with brands she loves and believes in.

Victoria suggests that the best way for you to grow your own engaged following so that you can get recognized by brands for having a consistent feed is to stay true to yourself and post regularly.

“Stay true to yourself! If you just copy someone, people won’t stay interested. Post and talk about what you know and what you are passionate about. Try to post often and be consistent. Collaborate with companies who are willing to repost you. This allows that many more people to see you and your instagram. When people comment on your photos/blog posts, write back and engage with them!”


Becoming an instagram influencer isn’t for everyone, it takes creativity, self confidence, and the ability to brush off the negative feedback that you may get. When you live in an area of small towns like Southwest Manitoba (both mine and Victoria’s home area) it can be really intimidating to make a post and then leave the house knowing that there are people whispering about what they had seen on your instagram and noticing judging looks from old high school peers. Victoria knows all about this as in a small area like ours with few degrees of separation it doesn’t take much for the gossip and judgement to get back to her. She totally had those initial nerves when it came to wearing a high fashion outfit and taking pictures in public! But what she noticed after a year of confidently pressing on with her passion was that those SAME people who were once judging and staring were now asking her for advice on how to start a blog, or where to shop online.

“I got over being nervous pretty quick when I realized that I had turned this into a career all by myself, all while staying home with my kiddos. I also think I’m incredibly blessed to travel, talk about my passions on my blog, and dress how I want every day as my career! If I ever hear anything negative said about myself these days, ultimately I know it’s that persons problem with their own life. I just keep doing my thing and enjoying it all along the way!”

Victoria continues to inspire many through fashion, motherhood and self confidence. You can find her here on Instagram and follow along with her beautiful family and fashion adventures.

Thank-you SO much for letting me interview you, Victoria!!

P.S. - interested in knowing who takes all of Victoria’s photos? Her husband, Haden, and good friend, Rheanon (@rheanonnealephotography), are behind the lens in most of Victoria’s pics!

sooo if you don’t have a husband who is down to help keeping your feed consistent, become besties with a kick ass lifestyle photographer! Easy, right!? ;)