The Connection of Meditation with Success in Business w/ Sam D. Squire

Meditation Bringing You Closer to Success.

There seems to be a common pattern in the interviews I listen to of successful business owners and entrepreneurs these days (if you follow me on insta, you know I am a sucker for a good motivational/personal development/business podcast). Over 75% of the people who’s interview I have listened too said that they practice some sort of meditation each day.

This made me very interested in meditation. As a young entrepreneur myself and being invested in my personal health, I started to dig a little deeper into meditation and it’s benefits. Annnd, how bringing meditation into my daily routine could help me on the road to success.


If I were to describe what being successful means to me; I am happy, aligned, truly being authentic with my work, doing what makes me happy and acting in a state where I feel connected to my purpose.

That sentence might feel a little “woo woo” to you, I get that, but let me explain. To me, living in alignment simply means listening in to my heart and mind to guide me through every decision (essentially, this means letting my intuition take over). The challenge, however, is that our rational and thinking minds sometimes make this a battle. But recently including a small meditation practice in my life has helped me find more and more moments of being present and calm with my thoughts and in turn providing clarity on things like business decisions, relationships and desires.

Meditation is a powerful way of stimulating presence and alignment by using our breath to become more aware of the present moment and be released from the day to day distractions and thoughts that race through our minds.

And, well, you already know how much I love a good story of someone who has turned their passion into a career, right?!

That’s why I think that today’s guest on my blog is a perfect fit for this topic!

I am beyond grateful to announce that I was honoured to interview Samantha Squire, a communications student who turned her love for yoga and meditation into a business, the Soul Squad Community! Winnipeg born and raised, Sam moved out to British Columbia last year to pursue career and life goals. On top of owning her own business she works with the lululemon team in Vancouver on a weekly basis. Sam believes in the power of meditation practices and teaches it daily. Our interview took me through her meditation journey:

Interview with Sam Squire of The Soul Squad Community

Sam’s first taste of mediation was the 30 seconds of Shavasana we have all practiced at the end of a nice hot yoga class. She thanks yoga for leading her to meditation. After years of practicing, those 30 seconds Shavasanas turned into 30 minute long yoga nidra practices.


For Sam meditation is something she practices daily but it doesn’t always look like what we might imagine- sitting cross legged with palms up rested on our legs. Sometimes meditation is closing her eyes and taking a few deep conscious breathes. And when time permits, about 2-3 times per week, she enjoys a 45-60 minute long yoga nidra meditation.

I asked Sam if she had had any business breakthroughs while meditating -

“YES. Literally all my creative breakthroughs happen during meditation. Sometimes it feels like they are few and far between, but that is when I get them! When I’m creating or planning something like an event, new meditations, or content for the Soul Squad I don’t necessarily struggle with what I’m going to create or share but it’s challenging to figure out how I’m going to share it. I find my meditation practice creates space for new creative ideas to arise”.

Hearing about how her business decisions often stem from her meditative practice, I asked her how she defined success.

“To me success is defined by how happy I am and how at peace I feel. I feel like society and school teaches us to evaluate our success with numbers in so many different ways. But numbers have always stressed me out. Being in a stressful and anxious state does not feel peaceful at all, but when I’m at calm and at peace that’s when I feel happy and free… and when I feel happy and free that’s when I know I’m on the right path and I feel successful.“

Sam’s mediation practice has proven incredibly powerful for her time and time again. She shares her learnings through the Soul Squad, a subscription based service that provides members with a new guided meditation and yoga practice monthly. Additionally, members receive a bonus resource focused on one of four main values - self-development, self-love, self-discipline and self-care. January’s bonus focused around goal setting and the activity was super powerful! Sam noted, “There are different ways to set goals and I found this way to be simple, effective, powerful and efficient”. And I couldn’t agree more to this, after taking part in the four day bonus material that she sent out, I had a very clear vision on what I wanted 2019 to look like!

If you are interested in learning the basic steps of meditation and being guided into a place where your mind feels free, you can join the Soul Squad monthly through

Sam also has a free 5-minute mindfulness meditation which can be found on the free resources page of her website. AND she has a free 30 minute yoga nidra meditation published on the Insight Timer app.

Meditation and Success


Whether you are a business owner, working on a project, or are just trying to come more in-tune with your alignment, I highly recommend practicing some sort of meditation to allow your creativity to open up and easily flow through you.

Success may have a different meaning to everyone, but to me I believe total success will come when I am happy, in alignment, and truly being authentic with my work. Meditation has helped not only direct me on the path to first launching my brand, but it has allowed me to understand myself better, too, which has given me the ability to define success for myself and take the necessary steps within my alignment to reach that success.